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Amber Bagshaw

Training and Company Instructor


Amber has years and years of dance and teaching experience. She performed in The Royal Academy of Dancing’s Solo Seal Performance of 2005, danced in Miami, Toronto, Rochester City Ballet, The Draper Center, and the Alberta Ballet School and was hired by the Ontario Ballet Theatre. Amber was fortunate to dance at the age of 13 with college students at George Brown College under Chun Che and because of her training she was permitted to take classes with such notables as Rex Harrington, Mary Jago, and Chan Hon Goh. Amber’s credits include The Broadway Tribute, Country Revival as a Soloist, Beatles Tribute as a Soloist, Big Band Show, and performed the Adage in The Christmas Show on Carnival Cruise Lines Ecstasy, Celebration, and Miracle. Amber is a Master Pointe Teacher and Fully Qualified.

Amber Bagshaw
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